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Always reliable. Always online. Find out why everyone chooses Global Frag Networks out of anyone else in the business. We have over eight years of experience in the business. We are constantly striving and growing to make your stay with us the utmost satisfying.

Where We Came From Founded in 2008, Global Frag Networks started as a leader in game server industry hosting games such as: Counter Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress Classic. As years went on we've changed our focus in providing dedicated and shared hosting services in the greater Los Angeles area. We later applied a great deal in layered DDoS mitigated on all of our services. The company has associated itself with taking pride in putting their customers first and foremost. Always striving to raise the bar of perfection. Global Frag Networks provides our users with the most advanced services that others just can't compete with.

We intend to continue our tradition of excellence by exercising our professionally-trained staff, continuing our push for affordable server hosting, and giving the customer what is demanded in the competitive environment we have today. We strive to do better than everyone else and to insure your satisfaction with us. By joining our team as a proud customer of Global Frag Networks, you will see how dedicated we are in serving you. If you require any assistance we are here for you 24x7x365 every day.

Our network

Our network is almost unrivaled with the strong backbone of providers the industry can offer. Our network is backed by top of the line providers such as Level 3, PCCW, NTT, and GTT communications. We chose these providers as they have proven their reliability in the past to make sure your services have the highest uptime possible.

Our Goals

Global Frag Networks' goals stand as they were from day one as we raise the bar of what is expected from a top of the line performance server. We intend to maintain the professional image that our company has displayed, as well as make it our duty to bring you the most advanced technology in server hosting to date.

Day by day we try to do more than expected and to push ourselves over the limit to insure your satisfaction with us. We try to find new things to do to make things easier for you and to provide you with the great customer satisfaction. We are expanding day by day to find new things to serve you better.

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