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Reseller Accounts

Join our infrastructure platform with your brand to create the perfect combination.

Join Global Frag Networks' infrastructure, to simplify your business operations. Easily focus on your sales and support, and leave the hardware and network capacity to us. Reduce the cost of getting started, no longer having to make large cash investments. Scale at your own pace.
Reseller Advantage Program

Global Frag Networks' reseller advantage program helps our customers start or grow their hosting company by focusing on selling servers and leaving the support and management of the infrastructure to the experts at Global Frag Networks.

The program is a tier based system, assigned to dedicated account managers to help support each resellers' various needs and requirements. Apply today to join our group of our family of resellers.

Benefits & Perks

Priority Support & Deployments - Resellers receive accurate deployment time frames and are alerted as the services are provisioned so you always have insight as to where the order process is at. This allows you to provide accurate estimations to your clients. We know that you're entrusting your business with us, we provide priority support so that we resolve any matters promptly for you.

Bandwidth Utilization - Bandwidth can be pooled from any of our Asia optimized carriers, allowing our resellers to aggregate the bandwidth allocations of their individual servers into one large allocation. This allows our resellers the flexibility to reallocate their available bandwidth, how they see fit, in order to tailor their offerings to the needs of their target audience at the most competitive prices. Additionally this may reduce the risk of a reseller receiving a bandwidth overage from Global Frag Networks, and allows you, our, reseller, to have complete flexibility with your clients who exceed their bandwidth allocations with you. For information on bandwidth pooling, please contact our sales department.

Bandwidth Overage Flexibility - Bandwidth plans can always be increased to meet your client's needs, sometimes however, utilization exceeds allocation and overages do occur. We understand that these can equate to expensive bills and uncomfortable conversations with your client, so we work with our resellers to provide fair, yet sustainable, bandwidth overage pricing in order to limit your exposure, and to help you and your clients. All overage bill review requests should be submitted to our billing team via Motion.

Extended Grace Period - Our resellers receive an extra 3 days to make their payments, or cancel services, therefore allowing them time to receive their client's payments. In the event that your client is not paying, this allows you the ability to cancel the service without incurring a financial loss.

Discount Level

The tier level and percentage of discount a reseller receives is directly in proportion to the number of active servers they have hosted with us; discounts begin at just five active servers. Upon reaching a new tier level, a reseller receives a higher discount on all existing and new services, making their existing services less costly and more profitable, as well as making their new services less costly and more competitive. Active server volumes, as per our tier system, must be maintained in order to maintain the desired discount level.

  • Active Server Volume
  • Discount
  • 1-4 Servers
  • No Discount
  • 5-9 Servers
  • 5% Discount
  • 10-24 Servers
  • 8% Discount
  • 25-49 Servers
  • 10% Discount
  • 50-99 Servers
  • 15% Discount
  • 100-199 Servers
  • 20% Discount
  • 200-299 Servers
  • 25% Discount
  • 300-399 Servers
  • 30% Discount
  • 400+ Servers
  • 50% Discount
Purchase Discount Level

Are you interested in making a one-time deposit to purchase your desired discount tier level? This is only a one-time payment that is applied as an account credit and can be utilized to pay for new services, and the renewals of existing services, all at the newly purchased discounted rate. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns with this offer.

  • Active Server Volume
  • Discount
  • $2,000
  • 15% Discount
  • $10,000
  • 20% Discount
  • $35,000
  • 25% Discount
  • $80,000
  • 30% Discount
  • $135,000
  • 50% Discount