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I used to have a server with them, but had to cancel it due to money problems. I just want to give a quick review of this company.

Overall I felt like family being able to receive the support needed with my server, and how they provided detailed instructions on what the situation was and the use of their live help/toll free number was very useful.

Michael Garcia
Private Customer
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Since we first opened back in 2009, we have been with so many many DDoS mitigated providers. Luckily, we found Global Frag Networks and we have finally found the right place for Genius Guard.

The support has been nothing but spotless. Their patience to my needs needs and constant modifications has been nothing but excellent. I can expect to stay with them for the many years to come.

Premesh Chandran
Genius Guard
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Global Frag Networks provides a solid network combined with low latency. Quality upstreams and enterprise DDoS Mitigation. For the past four months I've had 100% uptime, and that works great for our business.

The one thing that stands apart from any provider we've been with is their outstanding support response times. We are able to connect to a person when I required anything with my services. I'm glad to have chosen Global Frag Networks and am looking to stay as long as possible. I highly recommend them.

Dave Jones
EE0 Networks
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We have a great relationship with Global Frag Networks. Managing our Los Angeles servers has been no small feat, but they have handled every situation we've managed to throw at them. They've helped us through regular system maintenance, planned infrastructure upgrades and even the odd outage that required immediate attention. We've come to count on Global Frag Networks greatly. At this point, he they are truely an extension of our core team.

Stewart S.
System Administrator
Root Level Tech
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