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Website DDoS Protection

Get the protection you need without changing providers!

Always reliable. Always online. Global Frag Networks' Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a great way to get your website protected within seconds of ordering with us. There is absolutely no need to change hosting providers. We provide the border protection you need to insure your website fends off the malicious attacks that you are getting. Watch it work within seconds!
How Does It Work?

If your web application is critical to your brand, business and bottom line, protecting that application is crucial. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) uses DNS redirection to precisely reroute your website traffic (HTTP/HTTPS) within our ARBOR SYSTEM! Once the unknown attacker decides to take down your website with an attack. It will be instantly subjected to stringent layers of inspection. Using sophisticated security rules and challenges, we ensure that the DDoS attack is identified and filtered out, while letting legitimate traffic flow unhindered to your website.

At the same time as another layer of protection WAF masks your origin server IPs to counter direct-to-IP attacks.

WAF Features

DDoS Bot Detection
Global Frag Networks' renowned traffic inspection technology is proven to accurately identify malicious bots used for application layer DDoS attacks. Relying on a combination of behavioral and reputational analysis, rate-based heuristics, and a series of transparent and progressive client interrogation challenges, our WAF can weed out even the most sophisticated DDoS bots, with no impact to legitimate human visitors.

The Ultimate IP Masking
Our WAF acts as a secure proxy, masking the IPs of your origin servers to prevent direct-to-IP DDoS attacks. For added security, operators can also choose to block incoming traffic from any public IPs, ensuring that all visitors are inspected on their way to the origin.

The Unstoppable Layer 7 Protection
Are you getting frustrated of getting the annoying layer 7 attacks? It causes your website to go blank white and fails to load. No worries as WAF system can detect and block any types of DDoS attacks. The following types is only a small portion of what we can handle: TCP SYN+ACK, TCP FIN, TCP RESET, UDP, Slowloris, Spoofing, ICMP, IGMP, HTTP FLood, DNS Flood, Smurf, and many more.

Are You Convinced Yet?

Are you ready to sleep peacefully knowing that your website will never go down due to a DDoS attack? If so, please contact our sales team right away and quickly get your website protected behind our WAF.

Protection Size
10 Gbps
6,000,000 PPS
$200.00 / month / each website
50 Gbps
30,000,000 PPS
$500.00 / month / each website
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